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The purpose of this Website is to showcase the students' work as they progress through Apollo's two-year Internet Design Technology/Multimedia program.

In the first year the students  gain in-depth experience in applications such as:  HTML scripting language, Dreamweaver, WordPress,  and Google sites to create professional Web applications.  They are also taught the basic and advanced features of graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create graphics for the Web as well as print.

In the second year, the students tackle MOVEMENT.  They produce animations that can be used in a variety of Web and Digital Game applications.  The students also work with digital still and video cameras, the green screen, lights and wireless mics to create video that can be played back in various forms of media.

After completing this program the students can use the skills learned as a foundation on which they can build on in college or entry-level positions in the graphic design and multimedia industry.

Stay awhile, click on the links above and see how the students' skills grow from one year to the next.  Be sure to look at the Senior Portfolios.


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