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IDT1 / MT1 HTML Projects

Below are links to the IDT 1 / MT1 students' first HTML project.  Their assignment was to use the knowledge that they gained from Projects 1, 2 & 3 of their HTML text book to create a one page Web site about three of their favorite things.

This is a 200 point project. The requirements for the project are as follows:

Use XHTML / HTML5 format, Include a background color or image, Introduction of the student, a numbered list of the three favorite things, each numbered item needs to link to the corresponding information on the Web page, a link to the top after each picture of the item, at least one image of the favorite item, image must be coded for size and word wrap, each image must link to an external Web site that is associated with the favorite item, and an e-mail link to the student.

2015 - 2016

Logan Herbert Brooke Travis Ashton
Xena Riley Brandon Haylee Aidan
Kyle Jonathan Jazmine Collin Ashley


2011 - 2013

R. Allen R. Anderson Kaylee Abbey Haley
Matt Marissa Emily Willie Ja'Quaes
LeAndre Brandon Walter Rex Taylor


2010 - 2012

Eva Dorian Todd Ashley Kenzi
Brendan Reid Kory Cole Paige
Nate Tessa Kayla Anthony Ray
Joel Madreia Ben Brandon Travis


2009 - 2011

Joy Haley Tiffani K.C. Kristina
Paige Fallon Amber Nick H Kassie
Tiffane Ta'Lor Kate Stephanie Teresa
Kayla Logan Liz Nick P Jasmyn

2008 - 2010

Justin Ashlee Tricia Damien Melissa
Aaron Ben Chasity Tim Jerome
Michael Courtney Nate Cory Kenny
Christina Sarah Ryan Jordan Mariah
Elizabeth Isaac Gill Jenna Brittany




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