Ashton Cox's Favorite Things

My name is Ashton Cox, I have had many favorite things but these are my favorite ones. My first favorite thing is horseback riding, my second favorite thing is the color purple, and my third favortie thing is my friends. I also really like to spend time with my family. Some of my favorite things include:

  1. Horseback Riding
  2. One Direction
  3. Friends

Horseback Riding

  • I have ridden horses since I was five years old. I first rode a horse in Pennsylvania, where my dad lives, at my aunt's house. I was scared at first because I was on a huge animal that I had never been on before. Whenever I visit my dad, I go to the stables that my sister rides horses at and I take a few lessons every summer. I am getting better at riding and I am a lot less scared of the horses.


    One Direction

  • Like most of the girls in this world, I love One Direction. I have been a fan since the end of 2013. I like them because whenever I am feeling sad or down if I listen to their music I instantly get happy. A good thing about being a fan is that the fandom is like one big happy family that loves each other and supports each other.



  • My best friends are Alli Kersker, Summer Warner, Cayleigh Holbrook, and Cyaliegh Holbrook. I have been friends with them since 7th grade. They are there for me all the time and make me laugh so hard I cry. I do not know where I would be without them.The two in the picture are the twins, Cyaleigh is the top picture and Cayleigh is the bottom picture.
  • Friends